Online Summer
Retreat & Intensive

with Swami Shankarananda and Devi Ma
Saturday January 8th – Sunday January 16th 2022

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Shaktipat Shaivism

MM Swami Shankarananda is a leading authority on the profound and life-affirming yogic philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism. Join him and Devi Ma in this 8 day online retreat exploring sadhana and spiritual practice.

In the virtual company of the ashram and yogis around the world, you will explore and invite the Shakti, or spiritual energy into your home and practice for the week.

Learn about and experience Kashmir Shaivism, Shiva Process Self-inquiry, mantra, the Guru-disciple relationship and more.

The online retreat includes daily live and on-demand programs, including:

  • Evening programs with Guruji
  • Morning talks with Devi Ma
  • Talks with other ashram teachers
  • Abhishek (ritual bathing) of the murti (statue) of Bhagavan Nityananda every morning
  • Daily chanting and meditation
  • Culmination with full day Meditation Intensive with Kundalini Awakening

Meditation Intensive

Meditation Intensives are dedicated to the awakening of the Kundalini energy, also known as Shaktipat. Shaktipat is an ancient tradition, passed down from Guru to disciple. In 1976 Swamiji’s Guru, Baba Muktananda, instructed Swamiji to awaken people the way he did. Swamiji has awakened thousands of people all over the world, guiding them through their sadhana with love and grace.

Shaktipat can enliven and deepen meditation, and is suitable to beginner and advanced meditators alike.

A true Guru will have been instructed to function as a Guru by his own Guru, and he will have the power of Shaktipat, the ability to awaken the dormant kundalini energy of a seeker.’

with Kundalini Awakening

Full Online Retreat & Intensive

$354| AUDonce off
  • Watch live or replay for 2 months
  • Over 40 hours of HD video content!
  • Connect via the live chat box to ask questions
  • Includes all-day Meditation Intensive
  • January 8th – 16th 2022

Online Intensive Only

$154| AUDonce off
  • Watch live or replay for 2 months
  • 5+ hours of HD video content!
  • Submit questions for Swamiji to answer live in the program
  • Experience Shaktipat from anywhere in the world
  • Live on Sunday January 18th from 10am AEDT