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Meditation Intensive

10am AEST Sunday 7th April 2024

Live & 14-day replay

Meditation Intensive

The Meditation Intensive is a powerful catalyst for inner world transformation. Shaktipat, or the transmission of spiritual energy, is at the heart of this tradition, and this day-long event carries with it a powerful energy of grace and self-discovery.

In 1976, Swamiji’s Guru Baba Muktananda instructed him to ‘awaken people just as he did’. Baba was referring to Shaktipat, or Kundalini awakening. Shaktipat is the awakening of divine awareness in the seeker by a Guru who has been given that power from his own teacher. Shaktipat leads to deeper, more alive meditations, and can make reaching states of meditation much easier. 

Join a world-wide online community of seekers as we enjoy this special time with Guruji and Devi Ma.

A true Guru will have been instructed to function as a Guru by his own Guru, and he will have the power of Shaktipat, the ability to awaken the dormant kundalini energy of a seeker.’

with Kundalini Awakening

Intensive Only Online

$108| AUDonce off
  • Live on Sunday October 29th
  • Begins 10am AEST Melbourne time
  • Re-watch the Intensive for 14 days
  • Receive Kundalini awakening from a master
  • Submit questions for Swamiji to answer live in the program