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Meditation Masterclasses with Swami Shankarananda

Four week course available to watch on-demand

Learn to Meditate with a Master

Swami Shankarananda’s renowned 4 week Learn to Meditate course is back after nearly 10 years. Based off of his Australian best-seller Happy For No Good Reason, this course carries the fundamental teachings and practices for a life-long meditation toolkit.

Swamiji teaches a variety of ways to contact the inner Self, a space which connects us to higher Consciousness that is joyful, wise, free and empowering. The more we connect with the place inside us, the more uplifted and peaceful we become.

Scientific Research on Meditation

  • A 6-week meditation intervention resulted in significantly improved sleep quality in older adults, with secondary results of reduced depression, insomnia and fatigue. There was also an improvement in secondary health outcomes: insomnia symptoms, depression symptoms, fatigue interference with activities of daily living, and fatigue severity.

  • Meditation changes the physical structure of the brain. Long-term meditators have not only changed brain activity, but also thicker cortical layer compared to non-meditators. This difference was most pronounced in older participants, suggesting that meditation may protect from age-related loss of brain cells (cortical thinning).

  • Meditation is effective in chronic pain. Pain is a mind-body response. Stress, fear and depression can amplify the perception of pain in people experiencing chronic pain. Meditation can change a person’s mental or emotional state, train attention and produce mental relaxation, leading to reduced perception of pain and enhanced quality of life.

Course Overview

You will learn about the inner world, the outer world, and the laws that govern both and the key centres in the body. Includes a live guided meditation with Swami Shankarananda.

Learn about 3 unique personality types that influence the way you practice. Also learn about traditional methods of mantra meditation.

Learn about the mind and thoughts; a specific type of mental phenomena known as tearing thoughts; introjection; and practice the hamsa breath meditation.

Learn how to bring everything you have learnt into your daily life, and about Self-inquiry meditation.

Book & Audio Guided Meditations

Last Chance

This may be the last time that Swami Shankarananda teaches his own Learn to Meditate.
Don’t miss our on your chance to learn from a true master of the inner world! 🙂

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