Guru Purnima

Online Meditation Retreat
& Shaktipat Intensive

Saturday July 2nd – Sunday July 10th 2022

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Satsang | Meditation | Awakening | Self-inquiry

To spend time in the company of a great Guru, is to experience the upliftment of his presence in your own life and practice.

Guruji (Swami Shankarananda) is a meditation master who has awakened and supported seekers for over fifty years.  Empowered by his own Guru, Baba Muktananda, he carries the ability to enliven the meditation energy in those who come into his presence.  Spending time with him on retreat (either online or in person) is a rare and uplifting opportunity whether you are a beginning meditator or wish to refresh your practice.

Sadhana – Spiritual practice

Retreats at the beautiful Ashram in Mount Eliza offer spiritual nourishment, as we join with other likeminded seekers to re-energise and understand our inner worlds.  In a transformative and caring environment, we are offered the tools and encouragement to go to a new level in our practice. 

In the evenings, Guruji will draw on his wealth of knowledge and profound understanding of the great spiritual philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism and consciousness.  His humorous and accessible approach enlivens esoteric teachings making them profound tools for sadhana (spiritual work).  These Satsangs are profoundly uplifting events that are full of shakti (spiritual energy).


Meditation Intensive

During the day, programs with Devi Ma, who is the Co-Director of the Ashram, will guide us into deep and nurturing states of meditation.  Devi Ma’s talks both draw on Guruji’s teachings and also use the remarkable Shiva Process – an inner world meditation technology – to help us to understand limiting thought-forms we may hold and how to release them.   

The Retreat also features special talks on yogic subjects from senior Ashram teachers which offers a chance to also engage in conversation.

The culminating event of this special Retreat is the Intensive. This extraordinary event is the only formal time that Guruji gives Shaktipat awakening, a profound act of grace that awakens the meditative or kundalini energy.  It is an opportunity not to be missed!

A true Guru will have been instructed to function as a Guru by his own Guru, and he will have the power of Shaktipat, the ability to awaken the dormant kundalini energy of a seeker.’

with Kundalini Awakening

Full Retreat Online

$354| AUDonce off
  • July2-10
  • Includes Intensive
  • Over 20 programs over 8 days
  • Live & on-demand replays for 60 days
  • Study with a living master of meditation and Kashmir Shaivism

Intensive Only Online

$154| AUDonce off
  • Live on Sunday July 10th
  • Meditation Intensive only
  • Re-watch the Intensive for 60 days
  • Receive Kundalini awakening from a master
  • Submit questions for Swamiji to answer live in the program