The Ashram Mount Eliza

A place of vibrant tranquility, The Ashram Mount Eliza is a school of meditation and yoga and a residential meditation retreat centre. The Ashram supports an enthusiastic local community and attracts visitors from all over Australia and around the world.

“With great respect and love we welcome you with all our hearts”

The Ashram Mount Eliza makes the wisdom and practices of a living Indian yogic tradition, easily accessible to people of Western cultural background. Even those who have come to The Ashram for the first time, will often comment on the tangible meditative energy and quietude that they feel from their visit. The glorious natural setting, beautiful gardens and excellent facilities provide a perfect environment for the pursuit of sadhana . In Western terms, this is a place for practices that facilitate spiritual discovery, growth, wisdom and self-realisation.

Learn from meditation master MM Swami Shankarananda

The Ashram offers a busy and engaging schedule of daily and weekly programmes and annual events.The programmes include, meditation, chanting, study group , hatha yoga exercise classes and a unique form of inner investigation called Shiva Process self-inquiry. Every Saturday night is also the venue for the delightful programme called Satsang. Satsang commences with a beautiful traditional ‘Arati’, followed by joyous chanting, a talk and a guided meditation.

Like the great Ashrams of India, The Ashram was founded by, and is the residence of a meditation master. In this case the highly respected teacher and author Swami Shankarananda, known endearingly to all as ‘Swamiji’. The Ashram Mount Eliza is also the venue for Swamiji’s renowned ‘Intensive ‘ programme. This programme features the awakening of the natural meditative energy known as Kundalini Shakti.

Founded on respecting and welcoming all visitors and participants with love and without discrimination on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity or gender.

Visit The Ashram Mount Eliza

Once the corona-virus quarantine is over, come and join us live for satsang each week from 7pm on Saturdays in Mount Eliza, Victoria, Australia. If you live interstate or overseas, come stay for a retreat or for a period of time and bask in the spiritual energy of The Ashram. Learn more below.